Q & A

Q: Are any changes being proposed to the façade?

A: Yes, the façade has been updated per the recommendations and revisions below:

  • The Office of Planning (OP) recommended that the building have more of a visual separation between the retail level and the residential floors above.
    • Design Revision: We created a well-defined horizontal separation of the retail level from the residential floors with a strong metal band above the retail storefront. Below the metal band, at the head of the storefront glazing, is a continuous metal frame canopy where signage for the anchor retail will be located on Eastern Avenue.

      We also tied together the retail floors with a distinct pattern of glazing, vertical and horizontal mullion pattern and rainscreen material.
  • Residential Level: At the Set-down Hearing on February 8th, OP and the Zoning Commission requested the residential levels look less commercial.
    • Design Revision: As shown on the updated renderings, we gave each street facade a stronger residential look by including additional balconies that inset into as well as project from the building, and by using a more consistent window opening pattern. Brick coursing around each opening gives the masonry façade an additional layer of interest.

      We also defined the top residential level and residential corners with a continuous band of light gray metal panel. This will bring the residential facades together as you walk around the building. This top floor metal panel façade will then engage the courtyard elevations as it wraps around to Kalmia Road.
  • Outdoor Café: We discussed the approved outdoor café design on Alaska Avenue with OP during our meeting where we show at grade defined seating and plantings. The location on Alaska works well with the interior store layout as well as the deeper sidewalk area based on our building setback.

Q: What will the hours or operation be for the new Harris Teeter?

A: 7AM to Midnight.

Q: How does this new store compare/contrast with the newer Harris Teeter stores like the NOMA location?

A: This store’s design is in line with the design and features of the NOMA store at 1201 First St NE.

Q: What is Harris Teeter’s planned program for this location?

A: Harris Teeter is planning the following: Open air fresh seafood counter, cut to order meat service counter, pastry chef on site to support the pastry case, culinary chefs on staff to support the Service Chef case, fresh made pizza’s, daily Hot Bar with over 35 fresh prepared items, cheese expert on staff to support the cheese island with over 300 fresh cheese items, fresh salad bar, fresh granola & yogurt bar and fresh ground to order peanut butter and more.

Q: What is the anticipated number of new hires expected for HT Store 417?

A: Approximately 204 new hires.

Q: How many of these anticipated hires might be full time or part time?

A: 70 full-time, 134 part-time.

Q: At the September ANC meeting, the Harris Teeter representative spoke about a few interesting events planned for the store. Can you provide any additional context on these events?

A: Harris Teeter Chef’s develop daily events to serve to shopping needs of busy urban customers to provide fresh ready to eat meal solutions with great retail value such as Prime Rib Tuesday, Pizza Monday, Fish Friday and Omelet Sunday. These events can vary per store based upon the customers demand.

Harris Teeter’s relationships with local schools can vary store to store based upon the neighborhood’s preferences / needs. The one local school program that resonates very well in most neighborhoods is the “Together in Education” program that allows customers to link their VIC cards to the school of their choice. When purchasing identified items, a portion of the revenues is donated to the school of their choice, with typically over $1.5 million donated to local schools annually.

Q: Is there additional community outreach that HT conducts for active stores?

A: Each Store Manager is encouraged to participate in community events. Being involved with local schools provides career opportunities for local residents, with the primary base of management within HT stores being developed from local communities.

Q: What is the next step for the project?

A: A Zoning Hearing is scheduled for June 16th at 6:30 PM.

Q: Has the traffic study been completed for this project?

A: Yes, we have provided a copy of the draft Comprehensive Transportation Review that was conveyed to DDOT as required prior to the zoning hearing. There are several key takeaways from the report:

The Shepherd Park site is well‐connected to regional roadways such as East‐West Highway, Georgia Avenue, Alaska Avenue, and 16th Street, as well as an existing network of collector and local roadways. Vehicular access to the project is planned from Kalmia Road. While inbound maneuvers are expected from the east and west on Kalmia Road, outbound maneuvers are expected to be subject to signage prohibiting right turns on to Kalmia Road, thereby limiting potential impacts to the neighborhoods west of the development. All loading traffic from tractor-trailers would access the site via the private loading dock on Eastern Avenue.

As a result of the analysis, the following improvements were recommended:

  • Alaska Avenue NW / Georgia Avenue NW & Kalmia Road NW
    • Recommends changes to both Alaska Avenue & Kalmia Road and Georgia Avenue & Kalmia Road as these two intersections operate under the same signal controller. Suggested improvements to these intersections include:
      • Signal timing adjustments to include a northbound left turn only arrow from Georgia Avenue to Kalmia to allow more time to make the West turn onto Kalmia Road.
      • Elimination of parking along the north side of Kalmia Road between Alaska Avenue and the site driveway, and restriping along Kalmia Road. This will make room for the creation of one Westbound traffic lane and two Eastbound traffic lanes towards Georgia Avenue to address concerns about vehicles backing up at the intersection when departing the store.
  • Signal timing modifications at the following intersections as deemed suitable by DDOT:
    • Georgia Avenue NW/Geranium Street NW
    • 16th Street NW / Kalmia Street NW

Q: Will the project include a community room for the neighborhood’s use?

A: Yes, a large community room with kitchenette and roof deck will be dedicated for community use.

Q: When is the project scheduled to commence construction?

A: We anticipate that construction will commence in the 2nd Quarter of 2017.